My Story

Portrait of Daniel Martin, licensed acupuncturistI believe that for many health issues wellness starts with making good choices. That’s easily said, but not easy to do. It took me years and I like many of us I continue to be challenged.

I spent 17 years in union organizing, first with farm workers then health care workers. As important as the work was, it made me sick: poor diet, high stress and overworked. The results were chronic digestive problems, allergies, neck and shoulder pain. All that led me to eventually try acupuncture.

Like many caregivers, as an activist, I had been focused outside myself. My first time in the acupuncturist’s office made me realize I needed to take care of myself, not just the rest of the world. As I explored acupuncture , it was transformative. It took me to the path of mediation rather than medication. I realized I had choices about taking care of myself. I realized the possibility of change. And I realized I could relate to the world in a different way as well.

In 2010 I received a Masters of Science from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. Since then I have become a specialist in treating chronic digestive problems, allergies, migraines and chronic pain. I am an advanced practioner in pulse diagnosis allowing me to assess subtle imbalances throughout the body. And, I practice a gentle Japanese style of acupuncture that engages patients in the power of their own healing process.

Organizing work is about building relationships. Without that you’re just handing out fliers. That’s what I bring to my work now: connection to my patients, my ability to listen and get at what is behind the presenting symptoms. One patient said, “Daniel talks to you like a friend. He makes you feel comfortable and at home.” My patients are like extended family.

I live in Marin County with my wife Judith, who is also an acupuncturist, along with cats and chickens. I love to grow vegetables and engage with nature in any way I can.

“There is no question that Daniel cares! From the moment you speak with him on the phone or enter his office which is a sanctuary, the healing begins. Daniel exudes compassion, a commitment to your care and to his profession. He brings his skill as a deep listener and intuitive healer to the science and art of acupuncture.”
— Alexandra H