oak treeI saw Daniel after I was diagnosed with a chronic inner ear disease. Daniel is extremely thorough and focused. He is gentle, caring and has a sense of humor. His approach is vastly different from my experience with the medical specialists who could tell me what they thought I had, but provided very little in the way of attention and helpful treatment.
Smithy B.

I highly recommend Daniel as both an acupuncturist and as a Tui Na practitioner! I started seeing him for my frozen shoulders. They were painful and really limiting my mobility. I couldn’t take anti-inflammatories and did not want to consider surgery. Daniel was amazing. He is truly holistic, professional, compassionate and very effective!!! A real find!
Marianne D.

Danie comes from a holistic approach, addressing not only the physical aspect of a person, but also their heart, mind, and spirit. With Daniel, I was able to work through and release long-standing unhealthy habits and tendencies. He helped me get off of prescription medications for chronic conditions I’ve had for years.
Candise Y.

I’ve been seeing Daniel for about seven months and love it. I have had chronic allergies/sinus issues for years. After a few treatments I felt great. Daniel takes the time to understand what I need and explains very thoroughly what kind of treatment he’ll do. He creates a soothing, gentle space to heal.
Lori R.

Daniel is gifted, intuitive and well educated. He is gentle and effective. Before Daniel: Many months of pharmaceuticals, scopes and lack of answers from the western medical machine left me just as ill and incredibly frustrated. After Daniel: I feel well cared for and much healthier.
Italia N.

Best acupuncturist I’ve been to! Daniel hasbeen extremely helpful in treating my recurring neck and back pain. Combining acupuncture with massage & herbs, he is thorough and takes the whole body system into account. With his knowledge and caring demeanor, I feel like I’m in good hands (which is especially important when someone’s sticking needles in you!)
Siri S.