Success Stories

oak treeThese are real testimonials from our patients. Results vary for each individual.

“I continue to have great results with Daniel’s work – my gut issues are SO much better. I’m not taking any medication for my gut, following Daniel’s advice, having accupunture and taking some herbs. I’m feeling more aware and in balance with my body. I’m amazed and delighted to be feeling so much better. Daniel is the BEST…” – Bonne K

“I decided to try acupuncture for the first time for a stomach issue I’ve had for 4 months & went to Daniel Martin. I didn’t know what to expect, but his office was great & he instantly made me feel very comfortable. He was EXTREMELY informative, gentle, & it was easy to open up to him. He followed up with me providing herbal recommendations. My stomach actually started feeling better that night! I’m 36 & never tried alternative medicines before, but now, thanks to Daniel I’m so glad that I did.” – Mark S

“Dr. Daniel works with me to get my complicated health into a livable level where I can thrive. He also can get those simple things like pain and colds to be less so we can work on the harder issues. Some issues I just thought were not ever going to change and for the first time in my adult life my gut issues are rare, not daily. I tell everyone about him!” – Erin

“I was diagnosed with severe IBS three years ago. After laxatives, dietary changes, and behavior changes made no difference, I was put on a harsh medication that induced diarrhea every day, which caused nutrition and hydration problems. I had tried acupuncture a couple of times before for different problems and didn’t experience improvement, but was given a referral to Daniel Martin from a former patient who had had IBS. After two weeks (two appointments), I was having some normal bowel movements, despite being on a medication designed to induce diarrhea. After a month, that medication stopped working and I didn’t have diarrhea, but was having normal bowel movements on some days. After a few months of weekly appointments, I was doing much better and moved to biweekly appointments. My digestion wasn’t perfect, but I was having bowel movements nearly every day, and the issues that remained were extremely minor compared to the debilitating IBS that required daily induced diarrhea. Acupuncture was the only new factor so we’re able to credit the acupuncture entirely with getting me off the harmful medication and prompting my body to begin having non-induced bowel movements on its own. This is a result that no medication or other medical intervention was able to achieve after years of trying everything I could think of. My GP and gastroenterologist were amazed. Two years later, I have very mild IBS and am not taking any medication for it. Acupuncture from Daniel was the only thing that worked besides one harmful, diarrhea-inducing medication, and the outcome is far, far beyond what my doctors said was possible. I cannot recommend Daniel Martin highly enough for IBS patients. It’s also worth noting that I’m trans, and Daniel has been gender affirming and extremely competent, and didn’t require any education from me in order to treat my trans body. It seems effortless for him, but I’ve had a lot of frustrating experiences with health care providers who were confused about treating trans patients, and I want folks to know what a positive, trans-affirming, compassionate experience I’ve had with Daniel. From the administrative side, Daniel has consistently gone above and beyond to help me navigate insurance (some visits got covered!) and accessible fees when insurance ran out. It’s made all the difference in my ability to continue care!” – Jeff M

“Because of Daniel’s treatment and the significant impact it’s had on my life in just the last 4 weeks, I have gone off all traditional/prescription medication, including 1 that I was on for years. I am also addressing a health issue solely through acupuncture and homeopathic treatments, which Daniel has been spot on about! His knowledge of his practice, homeopathy, and just his overall caring nature – has been amazingly impactful on my life.” – Sheryl F

“I am an acupuncturist myself and a hypnotherapist. I am very selective about who I would work with and send referrals to. I trust Daniel implicitly. He is gentle, kind and very perceptive. His pulse skills are superlative and I send my difficult cases to him. I know that my patients will be treated very well. He is especially good with digestive disorders.” – Andrew

“There is no question that Daniel cares! From the moment you speak with him on the phone or enter his office which is a sanctuary, the healing begins. Daniel exudes compassion, a commitment to your care and to his profession. Daniel helped me prepare for surgery and has treated me post operatively as well. He brings his skill as a deep listener and intuitive healer to the science and art of acupuncture. I am grateful to work with him! ” – Alexandra H

“I love Daniel and could not recommend him highly enough. He has helped me through so many different health challenges. He’s my go to for colds, little aches and pains, and overall wellness. He’s kind, gentle, compassionate, smart, and very accessible.He doesn’t push herbs and I really trust his recommendations. My health has improved significantly since I started seeing him on a regular basis.” – Xanet

“I have been seeing Daniel for nearly two years and he has helped me immensely with various issues – digestion, post surgery healing for a fracture, stress. His energy is very warm and his acupuncture and herb knowledge is impressive and have shown results. I highly recommend seeing him.” – ER

“I have worked with Daniel as needed for years, whether for helping boost my system when I have a common cold or working on bigger health issues. I always feel so cared for, he has such a warm and empathic presence. He has a great sense of humour, is wise, knowledgable, compassionate, and gentle. He is generous with his time and has great recommendations for herbs and foods to support my system. I always look forward to my sessions with him, I feel so relaxed, replenished and well cared for.” – PF

“Daniel is a master practitioner and healer. I have been seeing him regularly for years. I view taking care of one’s self like oil changes for a car – keep it maintained regularly rather than dealing with the engine falling apart. Seeing Daniel regularly allows me to stay tuned up, with consistent check-ins. I’ve seen Daniel for everything from stress to regular tune-ups to allergies to running injuries, and he masterfully manages causes, symptoms, and injury.” – Rafi

“I have suffered severe migraines for many years, but they were controlled by various medications. In August of 2012, the preventative medications ceased to work. I have been on many drugs and after starting with Daniel have been able to decrease the migraines with acupuncture. He has also recommended some Chinese herbs to help me decrease the level of Prednisone I have been taking. Wonderful help by a very caring healer. I highly recommend him.” – Keith

“I’ve seen many acupuncturist but I’v never felt so secure and attended to as with Daniel. I see him every week as part of my ongoing wellness plan. He sources out pure organic herbs for my teas. He is mindful/carefull both in treating side effects of traditional meds as well as not combining ones that are sensitive to herbal tea therapy. He has very professional bedside mannerism. I highly recommend Daniel.” – Kualani

“I saw Daniel after I was diagnosed with a chronic inner ear disease. Daniel is extremely thorough and focused. He is gentle, caring and has a sense of humor. His approach is vastly different from my experience with the medical specialists who could tell me what they thought I had, but provided very little in the way of attention and helpful treatment.” – Smithy B.

“Daniel is a great acupuncturist. I’ve had about 5 sessions now, and it’s already helping me immensely. He has such a soothing and open demeanor, listens well and really thinks through the things you need help with to tailor the treatment. Would recommend without a doubt (and I was always one to say I wouldn’t seek alternative medicine in the past – I’m a convert!).” – ES

“Attention to detail. Comforting bedside manner. Truly experienced and knowledgeable. I’ve received acupuncture treatments off and on for over 25 years, and I believe Daniel is in the top tier of his trade. I have experienced not only the resolving of symptoms I initially came to Daniel for, but also a feeling of deep restorative health. I am so happy to have found Daniel.” – Joe B

“I’ve been seeing Daniel regularly for over three years now. Since the very first session, Daniel has continued to demonstrate insight, dedication, nurture, and care to my healing. He is constantly learning new methods and developing his acupuncture and herbal practice, offering various approaches catered to each patient. His constant calm and honest presence is in itself a testament to his natural healing powers. Of course I highly recommend him!” – Rachel

“Daniel was highly recommended when I started to see him a few weeks ago. This is the first time I have done acupuncture and I have been blown away by how effective it is. Daniel is very calm and gentle and listens to you on every visit. He bases his therapy on the feedback I give him as well as what my pulse says to him. He cares about you as an individual. I am so glad I found him.” – TN

“It couldn’t have been more perfect. The conversation. Questions he asked to understand my needs. The manner in which Daniel listens. Getting referred to him was perfect timing and much needed. And I haven’t sunk into myself in quite a while – so melting into the table, into a quiet space, and experiencing complete relaxation was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Daniel, and treating yourself and your body to this gift of healing and well-being.” – Sheryl

“Daniel is a wonderful doctor. He is one of the few who genuinely cares and takes the time to provide the best treatment he can, while also being very informative. He has a great wealth of knowledge in health and medicine and always shares what he knows. I have learned so much from him and am continuing to take steps in the right direction to improve my health. It is comforting to know that I have the support of such a kind, dedicated and caring practitioner.” – Camila

“Daniel embraces many schools of thought when it comes to keeping me well. While traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are his stated skills these do not keep him from solving complex medical puzzles. His guidance on everything from supplements, diet, ergonomics to relaxation techniques always help me to keep the balance of my health from tipping too far in any one direction. A truly intuitive and gifted healer.” – Italia

“Daniel is a natural born doctor. He possesses many inborn traits which compliment his knowledge and skills. He is:patient, kind, intuitive, gentle, an active listener, creative, preventive, generous . . .among many others. See this doctor to maintain health.” –Italia

Daniel is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable. He listens deeply and is committed to getting one’s health back one track. Absolutely amazing! Wish there were more healers like him!” – Giovanni

“When i first met Daniel, i thought he was a very compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner with a pleasantly gentle needling technique. as i continued to work with him, i learned that he was so much more. 
he always offered a kind, and open ear. he listened to my concerns and gave me valuable insight and feedback.
not only did his acupuncture style address the energetic blockages in my body, his genuine empathy addressed the whole of me – he truly comes from a holistic approach, in which you not only work with the physical aspect of a person, but also their heart, mind, and spirit – their humanity 
with Daniel, i was able to work through and release long-standing unhealthy habits and tendencies. i also tiered down from and completely off of prescription medications for chronic conditions I’ve had for years. there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude about that.
because he encouraged me to simply be myself – with flaws, and all – i really began to understand the idea of “going with the flow” while working with him. if that’s not one of the best take-away lessons in this life, i don’t know what is!
daniel is just an all-around amazing practitioner of acupuncture and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). He’s got the technique and the heart to offer the space for a true partnership in health and wellness.” – Candice Yang

“Daniel is an exceptional healer. I have been to several acupuncturists and Daniel takes a lot of time to really listen. He deeply cares, remembers and is incredibly skilled. I feel tremendously better from seeing him.” –Dana “I have seen Daniel Martin for a couple of years now. I think he’s amazing. He’s really flexible and very skilled. I always feel that he listens to what I say and that he takes into account a lot of different variables when making a treatment suggestion. I feel that he has really helped me get though some difficult times with my health and that I am in really good hands with him. I can tell that he has a lot of wisdom, training and experience and I would recommend him to anyone. :)” – Lisa E

“Daniel is an incredible healer and a true advocate of holistic health.  As soon as I walk in the door I feel completely comforted; my health and wellness have his full attention.  Allopathic health institutions demand so much of their practitioners that I had gotten used to seeing the doctor for all of 5 minutes before being diagnosed and heading out the door.  Daniel listens to my concerns and I ALWAYS walk out of the door feeling better.  Daniel’s use of acupunture and herbs to treat my health concerns has left me feeling much better in the time that I have seen him.  I recommend him to everyone I know.  Visiting Daniel has become an essential part of my self-care routine!” – Michaele

“I first started seeing Daniel about a month and a half ago when I was having severe lower back pain with pain down my leg due to a slipped disc. Daniel really knows his stuff and has helped me, combined with physical therapy, make significant progress in my back pain. Whether knowing when and how to apply needles and pressure points, when and how to use cupping and for what intensity or his calm and caring demeanor, I have appreciated his role in my ongoing healing. I highly recommend him.” –Jason H

“Best acupuncturist I’ve been to!  I have found Daniel to be extremely helpful in treating my recurring neck and back pain from previous injuries.  Combining acupuncture with massage & herbs, his treatments are very thorough & take the whole body system into account.  His scope of knowledge and caring demeanor make me feel like I’m in good hands (which is especially important when someone’s sticking needles in you!)” – Siri S

Daniel Martin is a God send to any moms experiencing anxiety and stress. Daniel has a calm disposition and easily shares his wealth of knowledge in acupuncture and diet. He even emailed me nourishing soup receipes my Chinese mom use to make me! He has treated me for lower back and hip pain AND anxiety and stress with noticable results. I was surprised how he was able to lift the heavy feeling of chronic stress I had for months after the first treatment!  I was so relaxed I even fell asleep in the treatment room.” – Lisa R

“As a frustrated traditional medicine patient with an uncommon condition, Daniel is my haven of rational and nurturing care.  He uses a balanced approach, combining experience, knowledge and a warming caring manner to achieve great results.” – Marijo R

“I’ve had acupuncture before , but never the way Daniel does it. He has a unique process for evaluating where to put the needles that is very specific. He doesn’t just treat, he also comes up with a diagnosis or hypothesis as to the deeper cause of the symptoms that bring you in- He is a true gem!” – Marci S

“Daniel is a great acupuncturist. I’ve had about 5 sessions now, and it’s already helping me immensely. He has such a soothing and open demeanor, listens well and really thinks through the things you need help with to tailor the treatment. Would recommend without a doubt (and I was always one to say I wouldn’t seek alternative medicine in the past – I’m a convert!).” – ES

“Daniel is a skilled practitioner.  He has a warm personality and gentle manner.   I started seeing Daniel late November for GERDS.  He has helped me SO much.  I am utterly amazed!!!  I thought I’d be taking drugs for life!  NO…… his skill and herbs have made the difference…I’m so grateful to have found him.”  – Bonnie K., R.N.

“Daniel is dedicated and thorough with a deep knowledge of acupuncture and broad understanding and knowledge of alternative health in general. He creates a safe space for relaxation and healing. He has effectively addressed my gut issues and joint pain, as well as general stress. I highly recommend Daniel’s work, whatever your health challenges may be.” – Susan S

“I was referred to Daniel by a long-time friend, and I thank Robert constantly for doing it. I feel so heard and so cared for when I go to my appointments with Daniel. I started feeling better with my complicated digestive issues from the first appointment. I feel very positive about every treatment and every suggestion Daniel has made to help me feel better.” – Kate M

“Look no further and believe me I have tried 4 acupuncturists before Daniel Martin. He took the time to listen to my aches and body malaise before he started my first session. And everytime he asks how I’m doing. I had 6 consecutive migraines because of my miscarriage and on my first session it was gone. Migraine stopped and never came back. My stomach lain disappeared in a few sessions as well. You will never regret having Daniel Martin in your life.” – Clarissa

“Daniel has been a lifesaver! About a year ago, I suddenly developed numerous food allergies and eczema. He patiently worked with me to heal my digestion and eczema. I am 100% free of eczema due to his careful attention to my herbs and acupuncture. He is very thoughtful and dedicated to his profession and patients. I highly recommend him!” – Angela H

“I have only had two sessions with Daniel. I have been suffering from acid reflux for years. Prescribed medications by my doctor were not helping. During our consultation Daniel informed me that acupuncture treats the problems quite differently. With changes to my diet and treatments I am feeling much better while decreasing the prescribed meds I was taking. I am also feeling much more relaxed and sleeping longer. I couldn’t recommend Daniel highly enough.” – David S

“For the past 6 months Daniel has been helping me with digestive issues that I have struggled with for three years. His energy is very warm and his acupuncture and herb knowledge is impressive and has been very helpful. I highly recommend seeing him.” – Emma

“Attentive. Great listener. Inquisitive. Learned. Compassionate. I feel incredibly safe and in good hands with Daniel. I can recognize the results very quickly, often immediately with some of his techniques. Daniel was able to help me with abdominal issues that no other doctors I’d seen were able to help with. I’ve happily recommended him to several friends, neighbors, and clients.” – Adam H

“I’ve been seeing Daniel for about seven months and love it.  I have had chronic allergies/sinus issues for years and after a few treatments felt great. He really takes the time to understand what I need and explains very thoroughly what kind of treatment he’ll do. He’s used herbs, moxa, needles and massage. He creates a very soothing, gentle space to heal; he’ll really go the extra mile for a patient! I’d recommend seeing Daniel, especially if you’re new to Chinese medicine as a wonderful and highly skilled introduction to Chinese healing arts.” – Lori R

“I have had 12 treatments of acupuncture with Mr. Martin within the past year. My condition has improved. I highly recommend Daniel Martin if you are seeking pain relief from a chronic condition. Mr. Martin is caring, professional, thorough and informative. He is a “miracle worker.” – Monika B

“I had a bad bout with sciatica that wasn’t going away with treatment by a physical therapist and a chiropractor.  After a month or so of treatments with Daniel the pain subsided.  It even surprised him how fast it worked!  Now we are working on my constitution and overall health. I’m very grateful to have found such a caring healer.” – Nicole C

“He is for sure a Healer and a patient advocate. I’ve been seen him since November now. Started because of my plantar fasciitis. After seen him for two months, even my orthopedic surgeon was impressed by my healing process that totally was a substitute for surgery. And every time the plantar fasciitis flares up I run back to Daniel.”  – Claudia

“I’ve been going to see Daniel for 3 months now to treat my lower back pain. He has worked with me to understand my lifestyle and how to alleviate the pain. He is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. He always describes what methods he will take and how they make an impact- it has been fascinating to learn. It has been such a relief to tackle this issue! I highly recommend him!” – Eddie R

“Daniel Martin is amazing. I’ve had a chronic neck problem for over 7 years and have been to numerous healers, none have given me the relief that I’ve experienced with Daniel. He uses a variety of techniques to get at the cause of the problem. He even treats anxiety and depression, and calms me down when the treatments are a little less than pleasant. I highly recommend Daniel Martin to those who want a gifted and talented healer.” – Lousie L

“So grateful for Daniel Martin’s acupuncture expertise. Daniel has been helping me to manage chronic pain for the last 3 years and is highly skilled and successful. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, I can enjoy my life to the fullest. I appreciate his professionalism, his sincerity with caring for my health and covering all the points 🙂 Thank you, Daniel!” – Sean Morris

“About two years ago, I decided to try Daniel Martin Acupuncture to help with pain after foot surgery as well as my chronic nasal allergies. In addition to that, Daniel has helped me with immunity, hormonal balance, shoulder/neck pain, and overall well-being. I had recommended him to a friend who has become a regular as well. Do yourself a favor – get a consultation with Daniel and opt for herbal remedies instead of prescription medication.” – Pam Lee

“I’ve been going to Daniel for over three years now, and could not be happier with the quality of the treatment and Daniel’s professionalism. Daniel has treated me for both acute pain and for more general low energy issues. He successfully treated my wife for fertility issues as well. Daniel compliments his expert acupuncture with other effective modalities such as homeopathy, herbs, and cupping. He is very attentive and it is clear that he truly cares about his patients as people.” – Andy K

“Daniel helped me with both pain and a totally jangled nervous system after a traumatic car accident. He is kind, professional and clearly knows what he is doing. I highly recommend him.” – Michelle S Fairfax

“Daniel has health insights that are deep and unique. He’s able to help me connect seemingly disparate aspects of my body. For example, I now realize that my low back pain, upper shoulder tightness and tingling in my legs are all connected. This has allowed me to focus on the source (low back pain) and get back to full health. I recommend that Daniel be part of anyone’s health team.” – Chuck C

“I was referred to Daniel because of Lyme symptoms-he has helped with so many other things as well. Stomach issues, Peri-menopause, energy…in general helping to achieve balance. He takes a careful history, and asks what’s important to me to work on. His style of accupunture is really interesting and I notice immediate results…I feel better after each treatment.” – Bonnie S

“Daniel has been an absolute gem! I have very complicated issues from Lyme disease and multiple co-infections. He has taken great care to listen and create a thoughtful plan that pushes my body, but not so far that it tips the scales to discomfort. I am so grateful to work with him. “ – Kirten Kaye

“Daniel is a great guy. Nice, friendly and down to earth. But more importantly he is amazing at what he does. He really works for his patients. I have the remainder of bad case of Bells Palsey and Daniel has worked tirelessly on helping to find creative solutions to what ailes me. He continues to research various techniques to remedy my issues. While I wish the process was faster, I know if there is a way to fix this, Daniel is the man to do it.” – Keir

“It’s hard to find an effective acupuncturist. I’ve been to several acupuncturists and western medicine doctors and none were able to help me understand the root cause of my physical ailments. I’ve been struggling with fatigue and chronic night sweats. Daniel was able to help me alleviate these symptoms through treatment and suggestions of specific foods. I highly recommend making an appointment with Daniel!” – Kelly N

“My autoimmune system does respond very well to acupuncture – just not any practitioner. After my last one passed away I went to the SF community clinic to get some non-immune pain help (very easy) but Daniel Martin also helped my auto-immune. When I got a job I switched to seeing him at his clinic. He can do the easy stuff AND the hard stuff!” – Erin O

“I have been seeing Daniel for several years now for a variety of issues- mostly headaches, neck pain, and stress relief. He is kind, attentive, and very responsive. I enjoy his skilled approach including his gentle needling. I feel much better after his treatments.” – D F

“I saw Daniel after I was diagnosed with a chronic inner ear disease. Daniel is extremely thorough and focused. He is gentle, caring and has a sense of humor. His approach is vastly different from my experience with the medical specialists who could tell me what they thought I had, but provided very little in the way of attention and helpful treatment.” – Smithy B.

“I highly recommend Daniel as both an acupuncturist and as a Tui Na practitioner! I started seeing him for my frozen shoulders. They were painful and really limiting my mobility. I couldn’t take anti-inflammatories and did not want to consider surgery. Daniel was amazing. He is truly holistic, professional, compassionate and very effective!!! A real find!” – Marianne D.

“Daniel comes from a holistic approach, addressing not only the physical aspect of a person, but also their heart, mind, and spirit. With Daniel, I was able to work through and release long-standing unhealthy habits and tendencies. He helped me get off of prescription medications for chronic conditions I’ve had for years.” – Candise Y.

I’ve been seeing Daniel for about seven months and love it. I have had chronic allergies/sinus issues for years. After a few treatments I felt great. Daniel takes the time to understand what I need and explains very thoroughly what kind of treatment he’ll do. He creates a soothing, gentle space to heal.” – Lori R.

Best acupuncturist I’ve been to! Daniel hasbeen extremely helpful in treating my recurring neck and back pain. Combining acupuncture with massage & herbs, he is thorough and takes the whole body system into account. With his knowledge and caring demeanor, I feel like I’m in good hands (which is especially important when someone’s sticking needles in you!)” – Siri S.